About Me

Jo Rodriguez

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Photograph by Jo Rodriguez
J Rod Photography

I think professionals always get asked the same question "What made you get into [insert chosen field here]?". As photographers we generally all have a similar response to the question which is that we love capturing moments and creating art.

My story doesn't start out with a beautiful line about how I wanted to capture beauty though. I picked up a camera because I had a need for pictures for a website I managed and none of the ones I was given fit my vision of what I needed. So I started taking pictures of things I needed , but the real question in my story is when did that change?

I can tell you the exact moment it changed. You see that picture right up there? That was the exact moment it. Suddenly it wasn't about a need anymore, it was about a drive and desire to create more. Suddenly I saw everything differently. My world was filled with art everywhere I turned. People walking along the street, shadows casting off a building, office supplies laid across a desk, the clouds in the sky... I mean it everything was art and I wanted to capture it all.

My goal isn't just to take a pretty photo, it's to capture a beautiful timeless moment. Each time I look back the photo above I can remember exactly how I felt. I want my clients to be able to have the exact same experience when they look back at theirs.

Let's create some art you and you family can tie memories to.